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Every Student Able to Achieve Life Goals

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We Need Student Help With Our Student Exit Surveys! 

All students who have registered without providing a Social Security or ITIN Number will receive a survey about six months AFTER completing or leaving our program. WHY?

The survey is so that the school can keep its funding and keep programs free. Students will be asked four questions.

Student answers are anonymous.

  1. Are you attending school in a different area?

  2. What school do you attend now?

  3. Do you have a job now?

  4. How much do you usually earn in one month?

EBT Users: Double Your Food Dollars!

EBT Users can get more food dollars when they spend CalFresh benefits at the Route1 Farmer's Market, Sundays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 3745 Constellation Rd. Lompoc. For example, a shopper who spends $10 CalFresh benefits will receive an extra $10 to spend on fresh produce.

Second Quarter Ends December 15th! Are You Ready for the Quarterly Progress Check?

Students will meet with teachers to complete a progress check on their attendance and performance to determine if students should continue attending for the next quarter or schedule themselves to return at a later time.

New Students: How can we help?

We are glad that you are choosing Lompoc Adult School!

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Thousands of students have succeeded at Lompoc Adult School. Contact our front office any time that you feel you need more information, help, or answers. 805-742-3100 or email us at

Phlebotomy and Medical Assistant Certification Classes Coming Soon!

Phlebotomy Certification and Medical Assistant Certification classes will be offered at Lompoc Adult School. Check our web page for more information as soon as it becomes available.

ESL, Citizenship, and High School Diploma Students - CASAS Testing

Register now for your CASAS test so that you can begin school as soon as possible! Contact the office at 805-742-3100 or email the office at Don't know what the CASAS test is? Read on for more information and for an opportunity to win a gift card!

CASAS Testing Information FAQ

CASAS eTests

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Did you know this about the CASAS Test?

  1. WHY DO WE TAKE CASAS TESTS? It is a requirement of our schools' state funding and keeps our free programs running.

  2. DO CASAS TESTS HELP STUDENTS? Yes. The scores show your academic growth throughout the school year and help staff make changes to meet your needs. 

  3. DO CASAS SCORES GET USED? Yes, CASAS scores tell us where we need to make changes to better support student learning.

  4. WHO TAKES CASAS TESTS? All High School Diploma and ESL/Citizenship students take multiple CASAS tests each school year.

  5. HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO CASAS TEST? ESL students do practice tests monthly and then test several times a year. Diploma students test every time they complete a class.

  6. WHAT DOES CASAS MEASURE? The CASAS test measures students' academic growth on the College and Career Readiness Standards throughout the school year.

Students, did you learn something about the CASAS test? You will be entered in our monthly gift card drawing. Click here for the survey

Two Programs for Families to Get Computers  - Yours to Keep

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Looking for a free computer or tablet or Android phones for someone in your home? We have 2 programs that provide computers and phones to Lompoc families. We even have computers and phones that come with five years of FREE internet! The Lompoc Adult School staff can help you register for these programs. Devices can be picked up at Lompoc Adult School.

Please click here for more information.

High School Diploma Graduation December 4 at 5:00 p.m.  on El Camino Campus!

  • Graduation Ceremony is December 4, Monday, in the El Camino Multipurpose Building at 5 p.m.

  • Plan to arrive at 4:30 p.m.

  • Park in the Laurel Avenue Parking Lot near the soccer field near H Street  - Go to the Cafeteria

  • Ceremony will end by 5:40 p.m., and we will proceed to the reception in the Cafeteria for cake, for photographs and for returning caps and gowns

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Graduate check list. Call 805-742-3100 for help with the following items:

  1. Complete a petition to graduate form - LASCC office has them.

  2. Make an appointment NOW with Mr. Brown for your free Cap and Gown photograph.

  3. Make an appointment with Kiara Diggs for assistance getting a job, applying for free college, or more.

Please work with your instructor to make sure you can complete your requirements in time to graduate in 2023-2024!

School Improvement Survey: Help Make Our School Better AND Enter to Win Free Gift Cards!

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Our School Improvement and Student Needs survey is here!  It's about our school and how we serve students. Complete the survey and get entered to win a free gift card in our monthly drawings.

Click here for the English Survey.

Click here for the Spanish Survey

Free CNA Training and Certification Program

Are you interested in CNA training and certification? This free program prepares students for their clinical experience and for the state certification exam.  

Click here for program information.

Lompoc Adult School Mission and Vision Gift Card Drawing

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We want students' input on our Mission and our Vision, which we review every year. Please let us know what you think. Share any ideas to improve our mission and vision statements. You will be entered into a gift card drawing.

Vision of LASCC  -  Every student able to achieve life goals

Mission  - Provide high-quality programs and certifications that build the workplace, academic and life skills leading to students success and expanded opportunity.

Click here to give us your opinion and to enter the gift card drawing for Mission and Vision statement.

High School Students - Free Gift Card Drawing for Completing 1 Credit

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All High School Diploma students who have completed one credit may enter to win a free gift card.

  • You can enter every time you earn at least one credit.

  • If you earned credits earlier this year and want to enter, please do so.

  • Click here to enter now.

Lompoc Adult School Students - Improved Life Skills for All


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Our programs are designed to help students build Life Skills that are essential to success at all ages in life. Why? Because we want students to continue to succeed long after they have left our programs.

  • Critical Thinkers - Know how to find information when I need it, understand it better, and make better decisions because of this. 

  • Effective Communicators - Improve how well I listen to others and speak to them in person, through Zoom, email, phone, text or and other ways.

  • Lifelong Learners - Ready to learn something new to improve who I am and who I can be.

  • Productive Citizens - Identify and act upon new opportunities to help take care of myself and my family and support my community.

  • Do you agree that our school has helped you with any or all of these? Click here to give us your feedback and earn a chance to win a free gift card!

Attention: Jobs Seeking Workers

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Did you know that our Career Center Technician, Kiara Diggs, has information on current Lompoc job availability for the following and more? Click here to make an appointment with Kiara mornings or evenings.

  • Do you want to work for Lompoc Unified School District?

  • Would you like to work for the Chumash Casino?

  • Do you want a job in the medical field?

  • Would you like to work with computers in a help-desk type of a job?

  • Maybe you want a different type of job or you want to plan out your career pathway to the job of your dreams?

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Lompoc Adult School and Career Center

320 North J Street  Lompoc, CA 93436  805-742-3100

Every Student Able to Achieve Life Goals