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We Need to Know How You are Doing - This helps keep programs free!

Two Surveys Needed from ALL Students: Technical Survey & Student Update Survey

Please help Lompoc Adult School collect information that is needed for our school's funding.

We have two surveys that we are required to have all students complete. Please complete them as soon as you can.

Both surveys are available in English and in Spanish.

  1. Technical Skills Survey 1 - needed once per year from each student.
  2. Update Survey 2 needed whenever students experience a change in circumstances (jobs, assistance, etc.) or if students will soon stop attending Lompoc Adult School.

Please let your teacher know if you need help with these surveys. Thank you!!

Registration is Open Throughout the School Year!

There are three ways for students to register for classes at LASCC.

Make an appointment with the office staff to register in person.

  1. Call and  get help registering over the phone.

  2. Email us at

  3. Use our online registration link at our website:

Too busy for school now? Use our Start Anytime plan. LASCC offers ongoing enrollment so you can register any time throughout the school year. 

Here is a list of our most popular programs that you can register for NOW: 

  • High School Diploma

  • English as a Second Language (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • Citizenship

  • Paraeducator Certification

  • Microsoft Office

  • Computer Basics

  • Career Readiness

FREE Covid-19 Test Kits Available for all Adult School Students

All adult students can receive a free Covid test kit.

Please contact the office to get your free Covid-19 testing kit. 805-742-3100 or

LASCC Classes Offered Remote

Lompoc Adult School classes are all being offered remotely, with students joining teachers and other students through Zoom.

Many students have shared that they feel Zoom classes allow students more freedom with their busy lives. Students also felt less hurried with the responsibilities of work, family and children.

With LASCC’s Zoom classes, you can join instructors and other students from the comfort of your home.

Students who need to meet one-on-one with instructors can choose from convenient times throughout the week and schedule their own appointments online.

Start Your Semester Right!

New students can register now, online or call our school for assistance at 805-742-3100.

Here are 9 tips to help new and returning students achieve success:

Register early before classes fill up.

  1. Write down your user name and password for your student account.

  2. Use a calendar to remind you of important dates such as class orientation.

  3. Arrive 10 minutes early to your Zoom classes, orientations, and teacher meetings just in case you have technical difficulties.

  4. Meet with your teacher each week even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. Why? Because this is what successful students do. They talk regularly with the teacher, get help, and get ongoing support.

  5. Plan your study time schedule each week to be sure that you have dedicated time to do your work.

  6. Set realistic goals for getting your school work done. LASCC staff will help you with this! 

  7. Check your progress each week just for a few minutes to see if you are on track.

  8. Reward yourself for making progress. Everyone needs some recognition for doing well. Simple things like a hike, a movie, or time with a favorite friend can all be effective rewards.

Computer Basics Students Transitioning to Microsoft Office

Students completing Lompoc Adult School’s free Computer Basics class are moving up to our free Microsoft Office class. 

  • The free Microsoft Office class offers students free certification on Microsoft Office skills.
  • These certifications can be used on a resume and in job interviews.
  • Microsoft Office skills are the most in-demand skills of employers today.


Graduation Plans

Lompoc Adult School is planning its December and June Drive-Through Graduation Ceremony to be held The first Monday of December and June at 5 p.m. More details will be provided as we get closer to the graduation date.

  • High School Diploma students will be contacted to register and to pick up a cap and gown for the event. 
  • Professional quality photography appointments will be offered free to all graduating students. Students will be emailed the digital images to keep and use for free.
  • Families and friends are welcome to attend the graduation. Multiple vehicles are allowed. 
  • At the graduation, students will exit their cars to walk and receive their diplomas and will be able to pose under the balloon arch with friends and families for photographs.

FREE Paraeducator (Teacher Assistant) Program

Our free Paraeducator program continues to graduate students throughout the year as they get hired to work for local school districts.

Through our program, students earn certifications and learn the skills to be a classroom assistant. Students also prepare for job interviews and get help applying for local jobs.

  • Working as a Paraeducator means assisting in K-12 classrooms.
  • Paraeducators apply for positions working in specific settings such as: Special Needs, Bilingual, and General Education. 
  • Paraeducators earn about $30,000 per year and enjoy a work schedule that is the same as student schedules, with the same breaks and vacations throughout the year.
  • Some Paraeducators decide to become teachers  where they can earn from $47,000 to $80,000 per year.
  • Our program helps students understand and map out the pathway to becoming a teacher.
  • The program is self-paced, so students can complete it as fast as they would like. Instructor Krista Caniano holds regular office hours so that students can join her to get help as needed. 

Interested in this program? Join Ms. Caniano at an upcoming orientation to meet her and learn if a career as a Paraeducator is right for you.

Citizenship Classes Thursday Evenings with Lawrence Basoco

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a very important decision. When you become a citizen, you will receive all the rights of citizenship. You also accept all of the responsibilities of being an American.

  • The path to becoming a U.S. citizen can be complicated, but the Citizenship Program is here to support you as you navigate the application process. 
  • Each year, our program helps students become citizens.
  • The program offers exam and interview preparation training to help you prepare throughout the application process.

We’re with you every step of the way, providing classes to prepare you for the naturalization interview and test as well as classes for English as a Second Language (ESL).

Mental Health Series Offered in Morning and Evening ESL Classes

Morning and Evening ESL students are completing a series focused on mental health thanks to a weekly guest speaker from Guadalupe Community Health.

Participants are learning about and discussing strategies regarding the following mental health topics:

  • Emotions

  • Communication

  • Sadness

  • Self-Esteem

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Guilt

  • Forgiveness

Mental Health topics are presented in Spanish. Anyone 18 or older may attend these presentations. Contact our office at 805-742-3100 for more information.

Lompoc Adult School and Career Center

320 North J Street  Lompoc, CA 93436  805-742-3100

Every Student Able to Achieve Life Goals