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Classes are operating online at this time. Contact the office if you have questions 805-742-3100.

Instructor Paul Graves

Our FREE Computer Basics Course is the perfect place to go for people who are new to technology or for people who want to refresh their basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.

Self-paced, relaxed, and engaging, this course will provide learners with the right amount of support from the classroom instructor and the opportunity to work at each student's own pace.

Students can learn to navigate software applications, operating systems, and the Internet. Fundamental skills include keyboarding, opening and closing windows, scrolling, and navigating menus. These skills are critical to success in online tests, workplace needs, academic courses, and more. As our world becomes a better connected one, we increasingly need our technology skills to evolve so that we can take care of our families, learn what is happening in our world, and access information that might otherwise be unavailable to us.

Students may join this class at any time during the school year and may finish the class at their earliest opportunity. So, what are you waiting for? 


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