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For many students, a High School Diploma can be completed faster than a GED. This is because students earn their diplomas at their own pace through our online program.

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How to Apply

1. If the last school you attended was in the Lompoc Unified School District, click here to request transcripts:

2. If the last school you attended was NOT in the Lompoc Unified School District, please contact the last school district where you attended school to order official transcripts to be sent to Lompoc Adult School and Career Center, 320 North J Street Lompoc, CA 93436. 

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Online Registration is available NOW and throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Click here to register online now.

Pathway Diploma Program 

Our NEW Pathway Diplomas include Special Certifications that help students:

  • Get better paying jobs
  • Pass industry certification programs
  • Pass college classes & graduate faster
  • Succeed in the real world

Students Choose A Pathway Diploma in one of the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Art/Entertainment, Fashion & Interior Design
  • Building & Construction
  • Business/Finance, Marketing
  • Career Ready
  • College Ready
  • Computer Science/Engineering
  • Education Child Development & Family
  • Engineering, Architecture
  • Health Science & Medical
  • Hospitality Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Public Services, Fire, Law, Government
  • Transportation


Why do students choose to complete their High School Diploma at Lompoc Adult School and Career Center?

  1. Flexible attendance
  2. Online learning
  3. One-on-one support
  4. Individualized learning plans
  5. Choose your own graduation date
  6. Career and Job search assistance
  7. College transition assistance
  8. FREE

How do I enroll?   Click here to register now.

What is the class schedule? 

Students attend during any of the following time blocks to either check in or to get assistance.

  • Monday 9 a.m. to noon

  • Tuesday 9 a.m. to noon

  • Wednesday 9 a.m. to noon

  • Thursday 9 a.m. to noon

  • Monday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • Wednesday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • Thursday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

How many credits do I need?

High School Diploma students under 21 need 200 credits. Students 21 and older need 160 credits to graduate.

Required Courses for High School Diploma include the following:

New students order their official transcripts from their former high schools. Please have the official transcripts delivered to our main office: 320 North J Street, Lompoc, CA 93436.

1. High School Diploma requirements all persons: 



Credits Required

Under 21 Years Old

21 & Older

English  (2 semesters of each: grade 9, 10, and 11)



World History/World Culture/Geography  (2 semesters)



U.S. History  (2 semesters)



Economics  (1 semester)



U.S. Government  (1 semester)



Mathematics including one year of Algebra* (2 semesters of Math AND 2 semesters of Algebra 1)



Science including Life and Physical Science  (2 semesters of each)



Visual or Performing Arts or Foreign Language (2 semesters of Art OR 2 semesters of Language)










*In addition to the requirements listed above, in order to graduate, all students must meet the state’s graduation requirements, which include Algebra 1.  Lompoc Unified School District Adopted: (6/97 7/99 5/11 5/16) 1/17)

**Students may apply for five elective credits to be issued for every six months of full-time work experience - up to (forty) 40 credits maximum. Only official documents such as tax returns may be submitted to receive work experience credits.

Do I need to buy any textbooks?

No. Students all use the online learning program: Edgenuity and APEX Online Learning Programs). Students will receive a user name and password for the program after all orientation and enrollment meetings are complete.

How do I earn credits?

Students demonstrate skills and knowledge to earn credits: 

  • Complete tests and quizzes
  • Complete worksheets
  • Complete chapter notes and projects
  • Students must demonstrate knowledge and skills in an end-of-course assessment with the instructor in a one-on-one Zoom meeting.

Course Completion Form

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